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Combat the excesses of Christmas with fruit and vegetables

After the excesses of this Christmas, our body needs fruit Citrus & Life and since we offer the opportunity to get a balanced diet with all the properties of our best citrus and exotic fruits.

Christmas is a holiday characterized by the many family gatherings where more and more, dietary excesses occupy an important place in the celebrations ... appetizers, meat, fish and sweets make up much of the diet of these dates, as well as alcoholic beverages and soft drinks with plenty of sugar, which contribute to the health of diners affected.

At Christmas time we leave a healthy and balanced diet that we usually take the rest of the year, taking all foods that normally do not include in our daily diet, as well by ingesting large quantities.

Fats, sugars and proteins in large quantities, our bodies take in at this time and that both digest and process costs, will take their toll on our body, resulting acidity, heartburn, reflux, bloating or indigestion, and increased levels of sugar and cholesterol.

Since we all know how difficult it is to resist the culinary temptations of this holiday season, from Citrus & Life want to give you some tips to keep your health intact without having to give up the best pleasures of Christmas.

      1. Redistribution meals. If you know you will have a hearty dinner, a light meal.
      2. trick your appetite. Not come to the table hungry, help you eat less anxious and more calm, a piece of fruit for lunch, provide the necessary fiber and will make you feel satiated.
      3. healthy and light cuisine. Our body can not cope with the large amount of fats and sugars in these dates. To accompany the dishes of meat and fish, the best option is the steamed vegetables.
      4. Decoration and imagination. Accompany your meals with vegetables, give much play when the accompaniment.
       5. Do not abuse the sauces. The original accompaniment of vegetables can be much more delicious and colorful than a sauce.
       6. Little but varied. Do not give up the quality of the dishes, renounce copious amounts.
      7. Desserts with fruits. Desserts made with fruit are just as tasty and much healthier and also help digest heavy meat dishes and fish.
      8. Watch the alcohol. After a night of high alcohol intake, fruit and juices will allow you to easily debug your body.
      9. Allow time for digestion. Allow several hours before going to bed to aid digestion.
Enjoy meals at Christmas and the company is not opposed to maintain healthy habits and lead a healthy and balanced diet.