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What is Yuzu? A Yuzu Cocktail Recipe.

The YUZU is an acidic and very aromatic citrus fruit, slightly smaller than a billiard ball. The YUZU is not usually eaten directly, but used as an ingredient with its juice and skin. The flavor is reminiscent of a mix between the classic Eureka lemon and grapefruit white gold while maintaining its own fragrance and flavor. It's a bit more floral, tart and quite more beautiful than before. It smells so good that the Japanese use it as perfume and bathing during the Toji (winter solstice).

Yuzu cocktail recipe:


3/4 rum

3/4 vanilla vodka

3/4 triple sec

1 ounce of syrup

1 whole YUZU



Cut in half the YUZU and put the ingredients in a shaker, add water without gas, and shake it for 15 or 20 seconds.

Serve in a glass and add sparkling water.