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In how many dishes we can find the Yuzu?

This citrus fruit has three times more vitamins than lemon, very significant antioxidant and malic and citric acids.

Yuzu tree usually reaches 2.5 meters and its fruit is collected in September.

In addition to food, Yuzu is used in cosmetics and incense.

In Japan on December 22 usual bathing in hot water with soothing oils and this citrus.

On the Japanese kit-kat.

As lemon, yuzu used for infusions.

The shell is good for seasoning sauces.

In Spain we find in marmalade and sweets.

And less frequently in jellies, jams and sorbets.

We used to give a fresh touch to cakes.

We also note his taste in ponzu sauce.

They sell fresh or powdered, with a spicy know.

The unripe fruit rind is used to flavor salads and sashimi.