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Valencia Late

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It is the most cultivated orange variety in the world, the last of the oranges season and the one that has greatest...

Lane Late

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Orange with a good size, rounded, with a high juice content and well balanced sugar and acidity. We have a wide range...


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SPECIAL OFFERVarieties according to preference and availability:Fukumoto / Navelina / Navelate / Tarocco Rosso /...

Valencia Delta

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Valencia Late mutation originated in South Africa. Vigorous and thornless tree. With autocompatible and impractical...

P1: Oranges & Co.

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Pack 1: Oranges, Mandarins & Lemons THIS PACK INCLUDES (varieties according to preference and availability)...

P2: assorted Pack

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THIS PACK INCLUDES: Oranges  + Lemons + mandarins + Exotic Citrus (varieties according to preference and...


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Valencia Late mutation originated in South Africa. Tree vigorous, thornless. Autocompatible impractical and pollen....


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We have a wide range of citrus, you can consult our calendar of commercialization to know your time of harvesting....


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Smooth texture orange, it have a high content of juice and low acidity. Without doubt, the best orange in the world....
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